Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tricking my Tenure at Artsy-Flareds with TempeeTurnal'd Expressive

I helped a sister set up an artingfact-based situation for aThe Perter Purpose for engineering a classroom stealth to make a still-life ZING. When arranging the elements in a reflection of a giant silver platter to rebound and redound the light fantastik... we notices that the trail of reflected fruit had a permanent sense of the orbiting planets around a singular sun.

Not like a SunDOG, or paraHedralitally encompassed gnarphting flikkerance that ubhails the senseless heart for stirrings...NOPE, just a singular sun against a reflection of an empty platter... but OH, how those fruits zing, Zang'd and ZOOMed onto the elemental will to produce it quicker and never better.

Hope she wins a first in the art show...My own art (done many the months hence several years before that one...Wast not of any heraldry...but for being copied and used too many times at newstand levels and television commitments...and I beez quite unstrung and unsung for it.

Part of mein isht shown the abloved.

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