Friday, October 22, 2010

KITTY KAT DISPATCH:CATS may Disappear.... but will life 12 yet dawn?

If aTHE CAT disappears...what is the process...for never has it gone without my notice...This time HOWL-ever...and precipitationally behencing the dragon month enOCTUBROEUL... I am hesitant NOT to know that a prank has the ensued nuance to have taken place.

He HAS been a regal cat by all pretenses and make-shifting accommodants for tolerating the more lethal of the animal kingdom whereas far as the psychee glot it's grip in thr brain...but I have had no dreams of him prowling beneath some hedge let me know he's yet alive (for twice before when lost, I got such a clue at his whereabloutz) ...or perhaps he has been smothered by ashes post-eaten (not against the local tradition either).

But WHEVERTZ he beith...I do hope I shant be haunted by his mere presence at halloween festivity against my ego'd will to have known otherwise the afore-hand.

Many happy blissings @Dooce who, wands it all for keeps.

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